What I can offer


Areas of counselling I offer

Outdoor counselling allows a more relaxed environment with clients stating they feel more at ease in the non structured surroundings. Outdoor counselling can be very helpful with many different behavioural or mental health issues including:

- Anger

- Anxiety

- Bereavement or loss

- Depression

- Low self esteem

- Managing stress/work related stress

- Suicidal thoughts

- Self Harm 

- Relationship issues

- Trauma

Most of my walks are in quiet areas away from people and crowds and its unlikely you'll bump into anyone you know. 


As a qualified supervisor I offer therapeutic, clinical and managerial supervision to counsellors, health professionals, management and the education sector. Trainee counsellors are also welcome. Please get in touch for more information. 

Children and young adults

As a school based counsellor I have seen first hand the benefits of early intervention and understand how difficult or challenging it can be for them to open up and explore their concerns. Experience has shown that children and young adults autonomy or the opportunity for change tends to be far more restricted than adults making it more challenging to find positive methods of change. I help overcome this through guided discovery, empowerment, exploring coping techniques or strategies so they may deal with situations and emotions in a healthier manner. I have over 9 years experience helping with this whilst working with issues such as anxietyexam stress, anger, low self esteem, bullying, depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts and also dealing with safeguarding concerns.

Fear over friends discovering they are having counselling or of being in a confined space with a stranger can often stop them from accessing help which is where outdoor counselling can be so appealing as these concerns are removed.