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Outdoor counselling is one of the newest additions to the therapy sector and is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional face to face counselling. It continues to offer all the great benefits that 1-1 counselling provides but allows you the opportunity to enjoy these whilst walking in nature. We can walk and talk whilst we explore any issues or concerns you may have or we can use what nature itself provides such as trees, plants and landscapes to help you gain a deeper understanding and as a means of addressing behavioural or mental health issues.  Everything around you can be utilised and as we walk, with every step, the environment changes constantly offering the opportunity for exploration and new insights. 

 All of my walks can be tailored to your abilities or individual needs and generally last between 1hr-1.30 exploring forests, hills or fields. The choice can be yours, however the weather may play a role in your decisions!


For therapists, health professionals or management, outdoor supervision offers a fantastic opportunity for growth and a deeper level of understanding. Using nature as a way of exploring issues or hurdles can be very powerful. The use of bridges, crossroads or forks in paths allow you to explore in a completely new and exciting manner.
Outdoor supervision can be tailored to suit small groups should you require.